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Imported Hair Straightening Brush Comb Portable Men Beard Straightener

Imported Hair Straightening Brush Comb Portable Men Beard Straightener

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Revolutionary Portable Electric Heated Hair Straightening Brush Comb for Men & Women - Perfect for Beards and Hair

Hair straightening & conditioning in one step

When the morning sun shines through the window, the hair that is messy after waking up from sleep                                                                                                                              Need to give her a beautiful look, a new mood for a new day                                        Beautiful hair gives you a morning call

Straightening and smoothing/conquer all hair types

No hair pulling

No snagging

Combing and straightening in one step

10 Million Of Negative Ions Hair Care

10 million high-density negative ions neutralize the positive charge on the hair, eliminating static electricity, locking in the hair scales, smoothing frizz, reducing split ends and making the hair soft and supple.


Our professional hair straightening comb is made of high quality material, it has a built-in ceramic heating body for more energy saving, and the comb teeth are divided into heating comb teeth and heat insulation comb teeth to make the hair more natural and fluffy.

If your hair is coarse and hard, it is recommended to slow down the speed when combing, so that the hair can be heated evenly.

PTC Heat, Intimate Care Of The Hair

PTC ceramic heat, automatic constant temperature hair care, 60s of rapid heating, reduce hair damage, gentle care hair. 3D comb teeth, matrix distribution, multi-piece auxiliary comb tool, anti-knot, multi-piece heat aluminum plate comb teeth, constant temperature three-dimensional heat, comb straight hair.

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